Hotel La Vecchiaccia

The Hotel La Vecchiaccia is the result of a careful renovation of an old and quite famous restaurant: it became during the years a referring point for the people of the surrounding towns.

The rooms have been renovated respecting every architectural criteria resulting in a comfortable and cozy feeling; the owners manage personally the hotel and they will be available for any need that can make your stay the best ever.

Kindness, professionalism and efficiency are the main features that make the Hotel La Vecchiaccia the ideal accomodation for your stay.


The care for details and for the service is applied minutiously both to the design of the rooms and to guests at the hotel. This guarantees that your stay will be as relaxing as possible.

The Hotel “La Vecchiaccia” esulating from standards, is always searching for an extreme care of the details with a sophisticated style in harmony with the surrounding environment, which is full of history, culture and traditions.